Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Hoult Feud features in ‘The Current War’ trailer

Washington D.C. [USA], June 26 (ANI): The official trailer of Benedict Cumber-batch and Nicholas Hoult Feud starrer ‘The Current War’ is out and it gives offers a glimpse into the dramatic 19th century battle over electricity.
Based on the phenomenon came to be known as ‘war of the currents’, the Martin Scorcese-produced thriller will focus on the journey of Thomas Edison, played by Benedict Cumber-batch as he tries to use his DC technology to introduce light to Manhattan, Variety reports.
Edison’s initial efforts are obstructed by businessman George Westinghouse, played by Michael Shannon, and his business partner Nikola Tesla, played by Nicholas Hoult, come up with Tesla’s own AC electrical current.
Is the trailer is anything to go by, it seems like the film will portray the historical corporate feud without holding anything back.
Scripted by Michael Mitnick, the film has been directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.
The thriller, which also stars Tom Holland, is scheduled to hit the theaters on October 11.

(Source : ANI)